I wasn't born to play music.... or rather I just didn't know I was.

In fact, at 8 years old I had little interest in music outside the sounds of crickets and cecartas -  I wanted to be an etomologist.

One day the school snare drum teacher, after taking his $8 per 1/2 hour lesson, said I was wasting his time. I decided he was wasting mine by making lessons sooo boring.

I convinced my parents to get a real teacher and started to learn Drum Kit  which lead me to tuned percussion including the Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone,Glock, Tubular Bells.... the list goes on.

I decided, in year 10, that a career in music was the way to go. Unfortunately, my school was not set up for anything but basic music classes so all tuition was done through private teachers, of which I had four. They lifted me to where I am now - studying Music and Teaching accross 2 University campuses including the Sydney Conservatory Of Music.

 I would like to do what those four teachers did for me - only in one package - to give tuned percussion, music and/or drum kit  tuition to two students that want beyond what the school education can supply.


STOP PRESS! You are looking at the CORE drumming teacher

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